Ways to Support Us

There’s more than one way to get involved. Here’s a short list of ideas to contribute to Toledo Streets no matter what you have to give!

Fiscal Help

Program Help
  • Vendor Trainings – sales, esteem, budgeting, debt, marketing, etc.
  • Vendor Enrichment – opportunities to broaden vendor horizons beyond business-related trainings (music/art, exercise, health, etc.)
  • Vendor Mentoring – one-on-one mentoring relationships for vendors who want to really up their game
  • Invite a vendor to sell outside your business or in your lobby
  • Buy a subscription for your office waiting room/lobby; several for multiple locations or restaurants/cafes 

Organizational Help

  • Board opportunities
  • Committee opportunities – sales & marketing strategy, campaigns, events/fundraisers, etc.
  • Network us with other businesses, organizations, and people who might be interested in helping us with our mission
  • Invite us to speak to your organization
  • Become an editor of a section of the paper
  • Submit editorial content based on our calendar