Call for Contributors

Our Mission is to empower individuals struggling with extreme poverty to participate on a new level in the community through self-employment, job training and contribution. 

We strive to accomplish this by assembling relevant, thought-provoking content of interest to engage our core readers as well as consistent features that entice donations from buyers, encourage our vendors with confidence, and increase supporter contributions through competent journalism combined with entertaining compassion.


We need writers.
Due to the nonprofit nature of our model, all positions are voluntary (non-paid) and likely will remain that way except for very rare occasions. However, contributions should still be high quality, relevant and well-written. Join our Editorial Team group on Facebook.



We are seeking a wide variety of contributions such as; events, localized news, articles, advice, opinion, entertainment, reviews (books, music, plays, etc.) features, regularly occurring monthly themes, interviews, religion, philosophy, poetry, illustration, art and fiction. Please keep in mind that the paper is published monthly (at the beginning of the month) and inclusion of time-sensitive items is up to both available space and the discretion of the editor.

What fits the mold? Many contributions are of interest, yet Toledo Streets strives to gear each story towards showcasing at least one of these three identifiers:

  1. Social Justice
  2. Local & community
  3. Any story of special interest or engaging subject matter

A feature that intertwines all three is considered prime.

For organizational and sales purposes, Toledo Streets themes each edition around a topic. Not all submissions need to adhere to the editorial calendar, but publication of a general article or art piece/poetry is more likely when matched to a particular theme found on the calendar. You can find our editorial calendar here.



We encourage submissions to be at least 500 words (excluding poetry), and usually no more than 2,000; however, well-written and relevant pieces below or beyond the suggested length range may be accepted.



Our core audience, so far, consists primarily of readers central to Toledo and stretching outward. Most are activists or cause-minded, community workers or volunteers, students, faith based or seeking, varied and compassionate.



Writers/ contributors:

  • Will be identified and recognized. Your byline (name, relevant position/title) will be displayed on all published endeavors, and in most cases, a brief “about the author” section at the end of your article. Your work may be submitted for other recognition as well (certificates, awards, etc.).
  • May have work submitted to the Street News Service for syndication amongst street papers around the world. These articles will be ones of exceptional quality that tackle their subject matter with journalistic professionalism and typically have a broad appeal. Submission is at the editor’s discretion.
  • Retain complete copyrights and ownership of their work. You may freely submit your work to other publications or reprint/utilize it in other mediums or future endeavors.
  • Will receive reference letters upon request (with notice). These are good for your resume; Toledo Streets will try to help any contributor build their craft and document their skill as best as possible.
  • At least 10 physical contributor copies and/or a digital copy via email. Writers who wish to receive these copies need to provide the editor with their mail and/or email address.


If you’re interested in submitting an article, contact the editor at

Your Name: