Building a stronger community by investing in individual entrepreneurs. 

Financial independence. Something we all value. While never guaranteed by working hard, it rarely comes without hard work involved. Smart choices, consistent effort, positive attitude, and making good connections are also a part of the equation. And, though we appreciate the stories of people who succeed despite all odds, the usual story of success includes some helping hands along the way… people who believed in someone’s dream enough to nudge them forward by contributing their own resources.

Toledo Streets exists to lead men and women out of dependence and into financial autonomy. We walk alongside individuals, teaching and coaching and celebrating as they move from homelessness or other poverty situations to establishing their own micro-businesses, gaining dignity and skills, meeting self-set goals, and graduating to permanent solutions for jobs, housing, and other basic needs. We are a very concentrated nudge forward to help them realize they are their own best chance for lasting change.

We believe nobody makes it alone – not completely – and it takes community effort to build a stronger community. We’ve described below what each level of giving does to impact our program to invite investment into the future of people who want to achieve financial autonomy. Will you join us in the journeys of these men and women? Will you help provide that nudge toward success? 

How your donation WORKS

Your financial support of Toledo Streets Newspaper means we apply your tax-deductible charitable donation in a very specific way. Every donation puts someone to work. That is the very foundation of the program. How much of a nudge you want to provide is completely up to you, and every dollar invested brings an entrepreneur closer to their success. 

Examples of what donations can do

$25 :: Bootstrapper

  • Sponsor a vendor for 100 papers.

$50 :: Mentor

  • Sponsor two vendors for 100 papers.

$100 :: Ambassador

  • Sponsor coffee and water for one month.

$250 :: Architect

  • Sponsor on the other side sticky notes, hygiene products, coffee cups, gloves, as well as the usual office.

$500 :: Civic Engineer

  • Sponsor two Architects.

$1000 :: Developer

  • Sponsor TSN Printing costs for one month: We’ll mention you in the issue!

$2500 :: Patron

  • Sponsor TSN Printing costs for two months: Color logo on page two!

$5000 :: Venture Capitalist

  • Sponsor Rent and Operating costs for one month.

We run a tight ship

Toledo Streets is currently operated part-time by two staff members, plus volunteers who donate their time and talent to create a quality paper covering a variety of issues focused on homelessness and poverty. We are always looking for writers and photographers who can help the paper increase in substance while remaining true to the paper’s mission.

Despite this, there are still costs involved in producing the paper: office supplies, printing, managing the vendor program, and other needs require financial assistance from individuals, businesses, and organizations who support the mission of the paper. This assistance ranges from a yearly subscription to any monetary amount, in-kind donations, and advertising in the paper.

Toledo Streets Newspaper is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, EIN 46-2490284. Your gifts are tax-deductible and go to support our program.

Out of the $1 donation for the paper, 75 cents goes to the vendor, approximately 23 cents to cover the printing of the paper, and about 2 cents for operational costs. Please be sure to buy your paper from a badged Toledo Streets vendor only.