Success Stories

“I know I can do it. All I have to do is believe… the only one that can stop me is myself.” – James, former vendor

Results speak louder than words, if you don’t mind us paraphrasing an old axiom. Here’s a loose collection of stories and quotes from and about our vendors and program. We hope this page inspires you to support us!

“Did my part by purchasing a Toledo Streets Newspaper outside the Lucas County Courthouse this morning. Had no dollar bills; scrounged through change I use for parking and came up with a buck for a newbie vendor, a homeless woman. Then, I saw a second vendor catch up with her. Was able to cobble together a second buck. Very nice guy. He said he usually works that high-traffic area, but was helping the newbie get started. Kind gesture. The newbie vendor apologetically said ‘it feels like I’m panhandling, but I’m not.’ I affirmed she’s not, that she’s selling a product. And, as I explained to the both of them, bigger crimes are being committed than someone buying two issues of the same newspaper” – Tom Henry, a Toledo Blade reporter and “Streets Believer”

Quinton, our youngest vendor, is one who took advantage of our call for contributors as well as advertising sales. This is our vendor who held his wedding at the 2013 Tent City event. Along with selling papers, he now writes a column that is featured in each issue. He is collecting his work to put together a portfolio that will benefit him when applying for a traditional job at one of Toledo’s local newspapers.

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With a permanent spot at the Spaghetti Warehouse and the Erie Street Market, Joe is one of our top vendors and knows the importance of networking. While bicycling one day, he was hit by a car. His arm was broken, and so was his only mode of transportation. A compassionate, regular customer of his who believes in Joe and in the mission of TSN, generously got him another bike. After his arm healed, he was able to ride to work like before.

Because of Joe’s consistent hard work and the support of Spaghetti Warehouse he was given the opportunity to do some side work for the restaurant, monitoring the parking lot and shoveling sidewalks in the winter, earning him extra income. It is partnerships like this that move our vendors closer and closer to their goals. With over $3,000 in the bank earned while selling street papers, Joe is currently saving to buy a car.

“When I got working here with Toledo Streets, my attitude changed. If Jesus Christ hadn’t brought me over to Toledo Streets, I’d probably be in prison again.” – Lawrence, former vendor

2015 Summary and 2016 Vendor Report

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Our partnership with Lourdes University resulted in seven vendors receiving certificates of completion!

Our partnership with Lourdes University resulted in seven vendors receiving certificates of completion!

Lourdes University has offered many continuing educations classes for the vendors and continue to do so.

Collaborations with A Renewed Mind, The Re-Entry Coalition, and the Thomas Wernert Center are already in place or in progress to benefit our vendors and other candidates for our program. Toledo Streets is always looking to make additional valuable partnerships.