Code of Conduct

All vendors must agree to and sign the following code of conduct.

As a vendor representing Toledo Streets Newspaper, I:

  • agree not to ask for more than a dollar or solicit donations for Toledo Streets by any other means.
  • will only purchase the paper from Toledo Streets staff (or volunteers) and will not sell papers to other vendors.
  • agree to treat all others—customers, staff, other vendors—respectfully, and I will not “hard sell,” threaten or pressure customers.
  • agree to stay off private property and highway exit ramps when selling Toledo Streets Newspaper.
  • understand I am not a legal employee of Toledo Streets Newspaper but a contracted worker responsible for my own well-being and income.
  • agree to sell no additional goods or products when selling the paper.
  • will not buy/sell Toledo Streets Newspaper under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • will respect the space of other vendors, particularly the space of vendors who have been at a spot longer, and will position myself at least two blocks away from a working vendor unless otherwise approved.
  • agree to only use professional signs provided by Toledo Streets Newspaper.
  • will always have in my possession the following when selling Toledo Streets Newspaper: my Toledo Streets badge, a Toledo Streets sign, a vendor’s license waiver from the mayor, an orange vest if stepping into the street when selling, and Toledo Streets
  • understand my badge, vest, and sign are the property of Toledo Streets Newspaper and will not alter them in any way. I will present my badge when purchasing the papers or have the right to be denied. I realize badges cost $1 to replace when damaged, and $5 to replace when lost. Signs and vests are $5 to replace when damaged and $10 to replace when lost.
  • understand Toledo Streets Newspaper strives to be a paper that covers homelessness and poverty issues while providing a source of income for the unhoused and underprivileged. I will try to help in this effort and spread the word.