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Come have a conversation, all you have to do is Eat!


Hey, Hi there! If you don't have a ticket to the "Buffalo Wild Wings Eat With The Streets!" event, you can Just show the above image on your phone, have it visible from a visit to our FaceBook page. Or if you follow the link bellow you can get three tickets in a format that you can download and or print to give to friends or family, thanks! :

Tickets Print Out

Don't think you'll be able to make it? Well, that's okay ... you can still donate, just click the yellow "Donate" button located at the top right. Mention "buffalo wild wings" in the comment section and it will still count toward Ron's pledge to put on a cheer leaders costume if the event makes it to $10,000 in donations!

"There's no such thing as small change!" .

Give a Job! Work is Our Mission.


Issue 64 is put to bed and off to the printer. Our first 20 page issue thanks to great sponsorship support from NHA and all of our new advertisers. We welcome the warmth of May in this issue. We continue the hard conversations needed when the news cycle ends. We celebrate art and its role on making our streets a more livable enjoyable place. The staff, board, and vendors wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and a safe Memorial Weekend.

There's nothing more effective for life change than meeting goals through hard work. We help people who are homeless or in other poverty situations get to work on taking steps toward financial confidence and independence.

The best thing? Anyone in the community can participate for just $1... learn more

Here’s what Toledo has to say about us

Thanks Amy Warnimont for bringing your 7th grade class down to our offices to learn about why we do what we do. What a compassionate group of young people!

“I see my vendors every week at the Farmer’s Market. Both are super nice and upbeat. My lil one loves buying her paper and saying hi. I don't think I have ever met a vendor that didn't make my day brighter.” – Mary