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BAM! Issue 69 hits the streets today. You know you want to get one. We know you want to get one. Pick one up from a badged Vendor. It’s chock full of thought provoking articles.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the Art Exposition and Fundraiser.

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Toledo Streets Newspaper’s 68th issue: Desperately Searching for Our Summer of Love.

In it we explore pain, anger, fear, and thoughtful ways to confront racism.
Find a badged Vendor and buy a few copies. The articles and topics are well worth the read.

Trust us on this.

Toledo Streets on the Street


Issue #66 War of the Words…


Tomorrow #66 hits the streets and Toledo Streets with the War of Words, How Toledo Streets Got Entangled with Spaghetti Warehouse. It’s a story that could have gone away with an apology from the offending manager and a mea culpa. That did not happen. It took the president of the company to stand in and begin the process of making it right. Communication is a good thing, and this is an opportunity for us to all be on the same page. What occurred on the public sidewalk in front of the restaurant should not happen to anyone, and we were not going to fold up our tent and slink away. We continue the conversation where the news cycle ends. Inside this issue you’ll find articles across a delightfully broad range of topics. Many of them will encourage you to stand up and fight for action – to join the conversation. Fight on, Toledo. There is no such thing as small change.

Issue #65 – a Celebration of Fathers


Issue #65 is off to the printer and should be hitting the streets tomorrow ( 05.01.2017 ). Thank you to all who brought this issue to life: staff, vendors, contributors, advertisers, and those of you who support us by purchasing a copy or two on the Streets of Toledo and beyond.

Thank You – to all who came and had a conversation with us.


A big thank you. To all those who didn't have a ticket to the "Buffalo Wild Wings Eat With The Streets!" event, and Just showed the above image on their phone. Or who had it visible from a visit to our FaceBook page. To those who followed the link bellow and got three tickets to give to friends or family. Thank you!

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Thanks also, to those who weren't able to make it, yet still donated by clicking the yellow "Donate" button located at the top right.To all of those who support and supported us: Thanks again!

"There's no such thing as small change!"

Give a Job! Work is Our Mission.


Issue 64 is put to bed and off to the printer. Our first 20 page issue thanks to great sponsorship support from NHA and all of our new advertisers. We welcome the warmth of May in this issue. We continue the hard conversations needed when the news cycle ends. We celebrate art and its role on making our streets a more livable enjoyable place. The staff, board, and vendors wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and a safe Memorial Weekend.

There's nothing more effective for life change than meeting goals through hard work. We help people who are homeless or in other poverty situations get to work on taking steps toward financial confidence and independence.

The best thing? Anyone in the community can participate for just $1... learn more

In the eye of the beholder … the “Toledo Streets Scenes” Art Sale and Exhibition


The Toledo Streets Newspaper is holding our Fall Fundraiser on October 18, 2017 at the Toledo School for the Arts. Join us at 5:00pm at the Toledo School for the Arts.

Once again, the Toledo Streets Newspaper is making a calendar! The 2018 calendar, “Toledo Streets Scenes,” is filled with images taken by our own Vendors, and shows Toledo as we see it. You’ll get to meet the Vendors who took the photographs, and together we’ll celebrate another year of community-supported growth by your Toledo Streets Newspaper. The images are striking and powerful. More than 30 of the best will be on display at the Toledo School for the Arts main gallery beginning in the first week of October, and throughout the rest of the month. We are grateful for their partnership and support of our program and of this event.

Local chefs will be serving delicious, portable snacks. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be available.

Prints and postcards of the Vendor photographs, as well as the 2018 Streets Scenes calendar, will be available for purchase at our fundraising event on October 18, 2017. A portion of the profits from those sales will go directly into the pockets of the Vendors.

Online ticket purchase price is only $50, and $60 at the door, so order all your tickets early!
Join us at 5:00pm at the Toledo School for the Arts to enjoy gourmet meals prepared by local culinary artists. You’ll get to meet the Vendors who contributed to the calendar, and together we’ll celebrate another year of community-supported growth by your Toledo Streets Newspaper. Nobody makes it alone; we can’t do this without you! There is no such thing as small change.

Help us bring opportunities for homeless to achieve financial and domestic autonomy. Our Fall Fundraiser is a Vendor Photography Art Exposition and sale at the Toledo School for the Arts on October 18th.

Your support provides resources and compassion to those for whom these things are often denied. We cannot do this without you. The reviews of our art have been inspiring and wonderful, be a part of the experience by purchasing your tickets, becoming a part of the calendar: you can have your own month, and/or your own space in Toledo Streets Newspaper itself by filling out a short form, or downloading the form application and sending it back to us now!

There is no such thing as small change!

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Thanks Amy Warnimont for bringing your 7th grade class down to our offices to learn about why we do what we do. What a compassionate group of young people!

“I see my vendors every week at the Farmer’s Market. Both are super nice and upbeat. My lil one loves buying her paper and saying hi. I don't think I have ever met a vendor that didn't make my day brighter.” – Mary